Bartlett Bros Challenge CEOs to National Debate

The Bartlett Brothers challenge went out to the CEOs of 3 of the most powerful corporations in the dominant food and farm system to a public debate on the future of food on the Winter Solstice, 2014. (see video below)

The National Debate may resemble a David & Goliath struggle of 3 middle class farmers/food justice activists/faith-based proponents of a just, sustainable food system with the leaders of companies grossing $522.36 billion in net sales (2013).

Yes, the three CEOs earn 400 times more than the three of us combined. But we are not afraid. They may have legions of handlers, lawyers and lobbyists and we have none. Nevertheless, we are prepared to debate them.

What we have on our side are the cries and stories of millions, even billions, of people who are suffering due to the way the dominant system treats food, farmers, farm workers, food chain workers, and the natural world.

How can we not challenge them?

On the first day of increased light in the northern hemisphere, brother David (Bartlett) Abazs issued the challenge outside his farmhouse in Finland, MN on behalf of the Bartlett Brothers. Son Colby filmed the event and son Tremayne composed and played an original piano piece called, “Going Places.” Now we are waiting…



9 thoughts on “Bartlett Bros Challenge CEOs to National Debate

  1. Cheryl

    I am a part of this movementI am a food service worker trying to stay positive that I will find a food establishment that shares my views on sustainable living…2nd interview with Chipotle this afternoon!!

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  2. margaret

    Just wanted to let you know I am with you. I know there are more people out there that are with you. I will share this to spread the word. Go get them!!!!

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  3. Lenny

    I just read about your challenge I’ll be praying for you guys.I’m working on a program to start presenting to churches about the difference between God’s food & man’s food.I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions. God bless you.

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