The Bartlett Bros have started the debate ~ “Ready or not!”

Debate Question 1 

Is Big Ag or Agroecological Farming better for family farmers?

Didowe tear them up last month?

Please let us know and add your thoughts and analysis in comments below, or write to

The CEOs of Monsanto, Walmart and Tyson corporations – Hugh Grant, Doug McMillon, and Donnie Smith – have so far ignored the Bartlett Brothers’ challenge for a debate. Their silence indicates they are unwilling or unable to defend their industry.

We can guess how they would likely respond to this first debate question. Undoubtedly they would attempt to greenwash their brands by claiming that Monsanto’s GMOs are loved by farmers for the labor saving effect on their vast crop monocultures, or that Walmart now provides farmers the largest market for organic food products in the world, or that the happy caged chickens of Tyson are treated humanely by their farmers. We can make mince meat of such arguments! This first debate question may be the most comprehensive of all the questions since it addresses the practitioners of farming, the ones upon whom the agricultural system depends. Read More _______________


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