The Debate

National Debate on the Future of Food

Quote from the Letter to the Three CEOs to be sent on December 21, 2014:

We Bartlett Brothers hereby propose a National Debate with you on the Future of Food. We offer to debate you anytime on the merits of industrialized commodity agriculture, with its long-distance shipping, high input and mass marketing (short-hand, “Big Ag”) versus the merits of small- and medium- scale sustainable and often organic production, with its decentralized system of production, processing and distribution of food (short-hand, “Agroecological Farming).   In fact, given the vast impact of our food and farm system on the multiple crises our society and the world face, we demand such a debate.

During the first months of 2015, despite the CEOs’ failure to agree to the debate, we posted new debate questions, cited their public stances on the topic, and presented our thoughts and answers through media channels, blogs and social media. In 2016, we are launching a new series called BroTank, with weekly posts to the blog and social media.

The Debate Questions


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